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    What They Say...

    Karen is one of the most responsive, diligent and creative partners that we work with. We are consistently impressed by the speed and quality of her work; and when you work in a fast-paced business like the Virgin Holidays and Virgin Atlantic press office that enthusiasm and energy cannot be undervalued. She is also a brilliant innovator, continuing to launch inspiring new concepts for existing products and properties that keep them fresh and top of mind – not only in the media, but also within our business. Underpinning all of this, is the fact she’s such a warm and caring person. At the end of the day, we all want to work with nice people – and her genuinely kind nature and willingness to help at all costs, makes her one of the nicest in the business.

    Kelly Grindle, Head of PR Head of PR, Virgin Holidays Press Office

    It's a pleasure working with Karen. As creative as she is professional, Karen possesses a valuable ability to think alternatively, unearthing ideas which resonate with the press and impact for the client.

    Jessica Huie MBE, JHPR Colourblind Cards

    Karen has been working with us since she launched her company. She has put us on the consumer UK media map, continually creates concepts to keep us there and cemented our brand position in the market. Karen’s results are world-class; the proof of which can be found in the exemplary coverage we have received to date, both in traditional media and in her work with influencer and social media campaigns. Karen works tirelessly to achieve the best results in an often saturated editorial marketplace, and we simply could not find a more skilled dedicated and professional person. I cannot put a value on Karen’s importance to our company – she is simply priceless. My team love her involvement, passion, honesty and friendship.

    Paula Whitehead European MD, Elite Island Resorts

    I've always enjoyed working with Karen. She has a thorough knowledge of the travel and comms spheres and her professionalism and dedication is consistently outstanding.

    Danny Rogers Editor, PR Week

    "Karen is a joy to work with. Full of energy, creativity, and this comes with a keen business sense and a great knowledge of how television works. Daybreak and Lorraine have worked with her on a number of successful projects and these partnerships have worked in large part thanks to Karen

    Owen Masters Senior Producer, GMB & ITV Lorraine

    I have worked in my industry for 30 years with many PR companies but TippettPR has brought a refreshing approach and restored my confidence in what good PR can deliver. Karen makes me feel safe, she is passionate about achieving the best for her clients, I never have to chase anything up, I can pass something to Karen and relax in the knowledge that it will be taken care of to the very highest of standards and achieve the brief we have agreed.Karen is a journalist’s dream.

    Errol Douglas MBE President of the fellowship of hairdressing

    Karen is probably the most efficient PR I deal with. I know if I want some information, I don’t have to ask twice. Professional, creative, and also great fun.

    Will Hide The Times, Express, Mail, FT

    "Karen Tippett is one of the most professional, trusted and knowledgeable Heads of PRs in the business. She is not only competent and smart but is full of ideas as to how she can promote her client. Karen has a fantastic relationship with national newspaper travel editors and I, personally, not only hugely respect her but count her as a friend.

    Trish Harbord Freelance Journalist

    “Karen is the ultimate professional with an unrivalled work ethic. She is there whenever we need her and even there BEFORE we need her. Karen’s approach is relevant, individual and strategic. Her creativity and innovative thinking coupled with her great passion for our brand and products engages all. Karen’s toughest critic is herself. Year on year she has smashed all targets and more than exceeded expectations. She has an incredible knowledge of the industry and fantastic relationships with the media and above all she is an absolute pleasure to work with. We are so glad she is one of us!

    Abi Cleeve MD Ultrasun UK

    Karen Tippett is an absolute professional, hard-working and knowledgeable PR rep.I trust and rely on her insights and creative direction.Her experience in the field shines through and her accomplishments and testimonials attest to that.Karen brings a strong passion and limitless creativity to each project. Working with her is always a pleasure. Media hold Karen and what she stands for in high esteem.The media has a genuine love, respect and admiration for Karen and I must say- I agree!

    Michele L Simpson Manager, Media relations, Tourism Toronto

    “Working with TippettPR is a breath of fresh air! Having worked with Karen over the past few years on various projects and press trips, I can’t speak highly enough about her professionalism. And her organisation really is second to none! During a group press trip to Antigua with Elite Island Resorts to launch a number of wellbeing initiatives, Karen not only juggled journalists and a number of clients, but always made sure everyone had a smile on their face, too. She always delivers, getting across key campaign messages and maintaining fantastic working relationships. I would recommend working with TippettPR.

    Kelly Ranson, Press Officer, Hayes & Jarvis

    "I’ve known Karen for over ten years now, and she’s an absolute delight to work with. We’ve collaborated on many projects together and I can honestly say that she’s one of the most talented PR professionals I’ve come across. Her knowledge of our industry’s inner workings is second to none, and what also distinguishes Karen from the rest is her honest and reliable approach. I’ve always been able to call on her for support and frank advice. Her help has been absolutely invaluable.

    Edith Meyer Freelance PR

    Having known and worked with and alongside Karen in various capacities since 2000, I can attest she is ace. She's won the leading PR awards …repeatedly... so her ability to consistently deliver exceptional results for clients speaks for itself. The style in which she does it is equally impressive. She is a pleasure to work with - an inspiring, fun, savvy, supportive, team player always quick to share knowledge and creative ideas. In short, having Karen on board = dream team!

    Lynda Daboh Managing Director, Wonder* PR

    “Working with Karen is an absolute pleasure because she understands both sides of the creative-client partnership. She pays close attention to detail, is impeccably organised and the time she has spent learning how social media and blogging “work” has obviously paid off. She designs innovative projects and has the skills to make them happen. I’d definitely recommend working with her - and hope to myself again in the future.

    Abigail King Inside The Travel Lab

    Working with Karen has been fantastic across both beauty and travel brands. She always goes above and beyond to help and clearly really cares about the clients she works with. Her helpful and flexible approach is ideal for me as a blogger - always outlining any client requests or expectations clearly and fairly up front but always being totally understanding of the way I work at the same time.

    Jen Thorne Beauty Junkie London

    In a media world where some PRs are just waking up to the importance of working with bloggers, Karen has been doing it successfully for years. She works hard to create imaginative collaborations and uses her first hand and finely tuned knowledge of bloggers to carry her ideas through. Her trusting approach is refreshing and she's incredibly efficient, understanding and forward thinking. I have many PRs contact me every day but I know working with Karen will always be fun, well organised and beneficial for both of us.

    Vicky Philpott

    "I've worked with Karen in many capacities over the years - from general outreach and news, to organising an appearance on QVC and even luxury travel features - and she has always been a consummate professional. Her warm nature and helpful manner make collaborating a breeze; you can always be assured work generated is of mutual benefit.

    Hayley Carr London Beauty Queen

    I've been blogging for nearly six years now and have worked with numerous PRs in that time, out of all of them I can honestly say that Karen has been my favourite to work with. She understands that the needs of a blogger are so very different to a traditional journalist, and she always makes every effort to make the collaboration worthwhile for both the blogger and the brand, which is incredibly refreshing from a blogger's perspective. Each time I've worked with Karen I've enjoyed the entire process and experience, and my audience always love the resulting blog and social posts!

    Catherine Lux The Lux Life Blog

    At BLOVED we enjoy working with brands who match not just our ethos and aesthetic, but passion for weddings and luxury. Since our first project with Karen in 2015, she has worked hard to understand what resonates with our readers and connect us with brands who fit our style. This has created some amazing press trip opportunities, with schedules and activities tailored to suit our readership, and we have had great feedback and engagement from our brides.

    Louise Beukes Editor, B.Loved

    Karen is a rare breed in the PR world. Genuine, transparent, authentic and thinks about brand alignment before making an editorial pitch. Personally she is a joy to work with, reliable, dedicated and passionate about her brands and also about the publications and businesses she works with and ensures there is mutual benefit and more importantly builds lasting relationships. I look forward to continuing to work with Karen. She is a delight be around.

    Nova Reid Owner, Nu Bride

    I've worked with Karen on a number of different projects of varying scope and size across multiple clients, and have thoroughly enjoyed each experience. Her level of knowledge, professionalism, attention to detail and positive attitude, makes her simply a delight to work alongside. I look forward to the next time already!

    Louise Prior Independent Consultant

    Karen is one of the most professional, creative and influential PRs I know. She takes client and media dedication to a level that many of us can only aspire to achieve. Successful PR projects often require a host of different PRs, companies and other professionals to work together to achieve results. Karen is incredibly diligent and excels at creating and managing complex campaigns whilst all the time considering the needs of everyone involved. With never ending creativity and enthusiasm, working with Karen always reminds me why I work in PR. I am proud to call her one of my peers.

    Madeleine Roast Roast PR

    In my 18 years of travel I have had the pleasure of working with Karen for almost my entire career. Karen really is incredible at what she does and stands out as one of the best in the industry. Her bright, sparky and vivacious personality always shines through and she is a true delight to work with that has resulted in some outstanding press coverage on the projects we have worked on

    Naomi Moreno-Melgar Head of PR & Social Media, Travelopia
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